For today, we’re going to discuss the apps not available in Google Play Store. You might have bumped into a page that gives you the best apps that is available on Android, but this one is different. I came up with our 5 best android apps not available in Google Play Store (others are sadly banned).

These apps have actually undergone various rules and regulations but did not accept by Google Play Store. As some of them are user-friendly but does not follow the rules set by Google. These apps as well can be installed without root.

Note: Enable first the Unknown Sources in the Settings to allow installation of these apps. Also, these apps are supposed to just add your app, as it has bugs and all. It is better to still download the official app for the latest updates. One good example is the OG Youtube, this has been stuck on a year ago update.
  1. OG Youtube
In general, OG Youtube works exactly like the Official Youtube client. This is probably the best alternative you can find other than Youtube as it plays with no ads and background. It is important to not Sign In your Youtube account in here, as you will not gain any access with the app even if you uninstall it and install it back. I changed my phone just to use this app from my previous mistake. You can also download youtube videos here, but I won’t recommend it as it is unstable and the app just freezes afterward.


Download it here: OG Youtube
You also need to download a modded version of Google Services framework called microG.
Download it here: microG
  1. OG Insta
OG Instagram is an unofficial Instagram client that lets you do anything to your account. Just like the regular Instagram. The only difference is that when you press the share button you’ll get an option not just to share the image or video link, but also to download it. This download takes place in the background and it goes directly to your downloads folder.

Download it here: OG Insta
  1. Popcorn Time
Netflix and Chill everyone? This app, as the name, suggests allowing you to download your favorite TV Series as well as movies with a single click. With no subscription and no payment, this app is like a gift for all of us users. It also helps us with not relying on torrents that much. Hassle free and ultimately free of charge.

Trailers are available in here as well. We can first watch the trailer before thinking it out to watch. Hehehe. Just click the magnet button that will start the download in your torrent client. I suggest you to use Flud with this one. Flud can be found in Google Play Store.

Download it here: Popcorn Time
  1. Fildo
Fildo is an audio streaming application that lets you stream top-quality audios from around the world. Fildo doesn’t have its own collection of audio files but brings it from various sources at one place. Basically what you can do to Fildo is that you can stream and download songs directly from the app to your music files (mp3).

My tip: If you want the latest pop songs, head over to UK weekly chart and just update it at least every month, there you have a Spotify esque playlist.

Download it here: Fildo
  1. Tubemate
Alongside OG Youtube, here is Tubemate. As the name suggests, it helps you download videos from YouTube. It can also download and extract MP3 from the videos. You can also download videos from several sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo and other sites that allows them to read the video file and download it.

Download it here: TubeMate

Seems like I missed out on something? Leave a comment down here or you can ask me directly on my social media accounts! Thanks for reading!