Love cute stuffs? This store brings us to a world of magic! From their onesies to the pit ball experience, you can take as much as many cute photos here for the gram. Their concept is perfect for kids and kids at heart alike.

First things first, you have to know that there are no seats here, and you should also leave the shoes outside the store. You can find a lot of stuffed animals in here, brings back the memories of yesterday when you are playing with the toys.

Here is my visual experience:

For the food, lets start with the scramble (the one in pink and stainless steel bowl), it tastes the same as the one you can buy outside. The colored carbonara pasta looks weird but tastes good as well. All of them actually tastes good, but not that great.

My rating for the food I've tried:
#LoveWins (Scramble): 10/10
Chicken Carbonara (Colored Carbonara Pasta): 9/10
Waffle (Sandwich Waffle): 7/10
Nachos Surprise (Colored Nachos): 9/10
Funnel Cake: 5/10
Buffalo Chicken Wings: 8/10

Store is not that big, you might be mistaken with the pictures. Their service was great and they are very accommodating to the guests. Take note that you have to be cautious of the item because if you break them it will be charged to you. Parking is limited to 2 cars, might be hard if you have quite a lot to accommodate.

For more information and reviews on this store, visit this link Kookay's Foodhouse on Zomato. As always, thanks for reading!