In today's world, we are more of trying something new than the usual boundaries that we are dealing with. With this, we usually like to try something new and something different which means it could be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Crazy Cones! What I love about crazy cone is that it contains my favorite which equals to great combinations.

An idea and experiment turned into a reality. For the love of chicken and waffles, 24-year-old Alexx Esponga and 22-year-old Kloyd Majam wanted to share a different experience: a comfort food combining sweet and savory in each bite.

They opened their first branch in StrEAT Maginhawa Food Park. This has been Alex and Kloyd's second venture after launching Jess and Pat's - an indie, artsy cafe, events and gig place in 2016.

They serve Chicken bites in a flavored waffle cone, then your choice of bacon, sausage or mac & cheese! topped with cheese or garlic sauce! All in one cone!

Crazy Cone in Streat: Maginhawa Food Park is a fork-free snack and the country's first-ever flavored chicken bites served in a waffle cone with crazy combinations. Buffalo, Mac & Cheese, Garlic Parmesan, etc! Starts at P170

Unique. Authentic. Experiential. Crazy Cone definitely captures the hearts of us foodies of all ages.