WJSN reveals their fifth mini-album entitled "WJ Please" and we're very pleased with their presentation. From the Secret Film to the Teaser, their aesthetics is a masterpiece. By the way, in this comeback, there are no Lesbian Billionaires, and also the lovely Cheng Xiao. As a fan, we knew that they are busy with their promotions in China, to be specific, Meiqi and Xuanyi in Rocket Girls 101, and a lot of promotions and CFs for Cheng Xiao.

Check out their Secret Film together with the Chinese members

Now here's their Title track: PLEASE (Save Me, Save You)

Music Video: It is really awesome! I've been dying all month waiting for this bop to arrive and it doesn't disappoint! My girls are as beautiful as ever! I'm thinking if they are slowly making Seola a visual because she's been featured more like a visual. (I like it because she's my bias in WJSN)

01. 부탁해 (Save Me, Save You) *Title
Please (Save Me, Save You)

Save Me, Save You is a synth-pop track with an ear-catching piano melody and dreamlike vocals. The lyrics tell the story of how a girl approaches to love. I'm glad that they are taking the right route releasing songs that similar to the sound of Secret. Although it's not as good as secret the melody is such a great arrangement, with the familiar tunes from Miracle and Secret. The bad side is there are boring parts in this song, and I must admit that I like if they use the intro to the outro part, as this melody adds a lot to the vibe of the song. 

Rating: 8/10

Watch out for my thoughts in the side tracks! I am just waiting for English translations so I can judge the song by their meaning as well. Thanks for reading! I'm going to listen all night! My personal favorite last comeback is Renaissance, in this, of course, I-YAH!

02. 너, 너, 너
You, You, You

This song is filled with brightness and innocence, which feels like a lighter version of Dreams Come True. It's a perfect mix of the signature song of Cosmic Girls. But it felt like it's not that powerful enough for a B Side Track, especially if you have I-YAH on the side.

Rating: 6/10

03. 아이야


This song follows the same pattern of how e.one does the song. This is definitely Secret 4.0, but against Miracle and Renaissance, this one closely resembles a new chapter for another dreamland of heartbreak story. This song is about a girl who can only love that guy, and still keeps on waiting for that love, one sided unconditional love (ouch it hurts). I-YAH, with the signature sound and tune of e.one, the multiple chords use in the song boosts the feeling of the lyrics to its further height. This should be a title song, or its okay as a side track as long as there is a music video. That's a lot impossible I think.

Rating: 9.5/10

04. 가면무도회


Masquerade starts off as a ballroom piece, then after that changes to a drama OST. This can be a total hit but it just lacks the excitement and right combination of parts. I feel like this can be better if the chorus is changed to a more Cosmic Feel to match the same melody that Starry Moment had given us.

Rating: 7/10

05. Hurry Up

Although Hurry Up sounds like an interesting song (it seems like Secret's song Love is Move), it lacks the strong parts. I feel like this is the worst song e.one has introduced to us coming from Cosmic Girls. I love the retro instrumental as it is a new ray of concept for this group, but it's not catchy or addictive at all.

06. 2월의 봄 (You & I)

Spring of February

This is the ballad track for this album after all the upbeat songs above. It is already introduced to us via their concert earlier this year and it includes the Chinese members as well. I like how it is soothing to the ears but with the unnecessary rap and high note doesn't blend well from the start. This should be sang by the non vocal line so that they can showcase their vocals with the right kind of tone.
Rating: 7/10