In this article, I will discuss where I buy my shirts and how much it costs. Check out my few pictures to know their prices. 

Bought this shirt at UNIQLO for P190

Plus Black for P150

SM Culture for P120

SM Culture for P120

SM Culture for P120


Here are 5 tips to score a meaningful sale
  1. Search throughout the store
Find thrift items if you are in a department store like what we have at SM Sucat. When searching, be sure to familiarize yourself with the items. In your next visit, you will only look at the things that are new when you visited last time.
  1. Visit the stores from time to time
Hidden sale is of course until supplies last. If you don’t buy it right now, you can’t expect it to be there when you visit the next time. Here are the stores I suggest for you to visit when you have time and their highly recommended stores to check:

BENCH - they usually sale ugly shirts and polo shirts, also bags.
PENSHOPPE - they sale a lot of good items, you should also ask the tag price since sometimes it's a little tricky, it can be P200 or as low as P200 (depends to the management in that certain store). Penshoppe also sale some items without the sale banner outside.
TERRANOVA - score sale jackets and some tees.
SURPLUS - branded items in a lower price tag.
SM CULTURE & SMYTH - They are promoting most of the time with the sale. 
(I'll do a separate article for SMYTH)

You can also score shirts from H&M and UNIQLO, but it's not as cheap
  1. Check for clothing error
Sometimes the reason why a product is on sale is there are clothing defects like running stitches or size defect. Try the item first before you decide to buy it. Don’t be too excited of the deals as it might be a knockoff.
  1. Ready your wallets (Right timing)
Be sure to save an ample amount of money in order to be ready whenever there’s a sale in general.  It’ll also help as a backup money for important things, just be a good (if not better) thrift guy.
  1. Visit stores that are always on sale
Visit these stores to see the difference as well if it is a good buy or not.  Notable store that is always on sale is the Outlet Department Store of  SM Sucat located at the 2nd Floor building B.

Be on style without breaking the bank. Any suggestions or other tips just comment below.