I've finally realized that life does not require an age limit in doing what you want and pursuing your dreams. There is a time for everything and you don't need to rush yourself into doing everything. Okay, so here are my list.

1. Listen to your intuition and your parents.

Most of the time, intuition works, you may not know it, but your parents will. Listen to them, anyway, anything that is too good to be true is not true.

2. There is more than one way to do things

If this way doesn't work for you, look for plan b or even an alternative. There is always a different way, it may be better than your first plan. You even might excel at that accidentally.

3. Be curious about everything

Add every day a spice, take a leap towards risk. Try everything you can try as long as you don't hurt anyone.

4. Have a best friend, a dog, to release your stress away

Don't stress yourself with toxic people around you. Be with someone who's willing to exert effort for you or bring out the best in you. Remember to also give back.

5. Learn to adjust to the situation

It's hard to be yourself when you're being judged. Try and learn to live up with the standard. I'm not saying to change yourself, but just fit into what they want you to perceive. The harsh truth is that you have to live up with their standards.

6. Don't compare your success to others success

Each of us has our own timeline. Others can be successful earlier than you are, while others can get it later than you, it's just a matter of what makes you happy right now and how you perceive your success. It's never too late to start.

7. Learn how to sell yourself and your ideas

This is what I excel at this year, I've been wanting to open a blog and make the profit out of it. Also, as an influencer, I know how to sell myself to further benefit me and my sponsors.

8. You'll be a lot happier if you let bygones be bygones

Don't stress yourself over the things that you can't have. Learn to appreciate the things that you have right now. You will meet people who dislike you even without a reason. Learn how to handle every problem with a smile.

9. Be presentable and be well dressed

It's all about how you present yourself to the crowd that makes you stand out. Make sure that you're presentable so that you can also be confidently handsome with a heart.

10. Don't let your dreams always be dreams

Learn to step up, try everything you can and be sure to make the best of it. In order for you not to have regrets in the future. Just keep on going.

The only thing in the world that's constantly changing is change. That's what I've learned for this year. Hoping for more learnings and friends to see within the length of my journey. It's also my first year of being an influencer and I'm really overwhelmed with all the love that I received. That's it! Thanks for all the people I knew from today and moving forward!