I have been invited to MyTown New York last October 20 to check out what they have in store for us.

Layout of their dorms. See the amenities at the penthouse?

What is MyTown?

MyTown is a dormitory brand for young professionals that let them live close to work. Currently, MyTown has 16 dormitory buildings within two central business districts: namely, BGC and Makati. What I like about the area is that it’s near the office. Plus it’s accessible to all the things you have to do in the metro so you can run your errands in between BGC and Makati!

Now that we’ve covered the basics, here are 7 things you can do in MyTown:

1. Hang out at the cafeteria

Their cafeteria gives a chill vibe where you can just relax, watch TV (they have LED TVs!!) and hang out with your friends.

They also have board games available!

I love that they incorporate living in the metro with awesome amenities. What the tenants can do with this is to spend their time working out in one of the gyms, study in "study" rooms, developing their skills during one of their personal/professional development classes, or simply relax by the roof deck pool, the cinema, and other recreation areas.

Here’s a sneak peek of what their cafeteria at MyTown New York looks like.

Secret tip: They have fast wifi at the whole Penthouse so you can work here for your late night reports too. You’re welcome!

2. Take a dip at the rooftop pool!

This lap pool looks amazing, doesn’t it? I can chill here all day! (During outside office hours of course).

Pulling a fresh look for the ‘gram! What do you think?

3. Take cool photos on the roof deck with your friends.

Do it for the gram! Follow me at @arvicryuuzaki

4. Sweat it out in the gym before or after work

Their gym at MyTown New York comes with a dumbbell set for the big guys and medicine balls for the girls. They also have treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines and yoga mats.

5. Watch a movie!

Schedules are:

If you’re wondering about the showing schedule, they play every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1pm and 8pm. And the movie posters are posted on the wall.

6. Or, just chill in your room!

If you’re up for a little R&R, you can chill in your room, read a book, play the guitar or just binge watch your favorite series.

Actually, I’m kind of interested in all of the things I heard so far. How about you? To further this discussion. Let’s see their rates! This is the crucial part of everything naman. Hehe.

Room Rates
All rooms are fully furnished and comes with the following: bunk bed w/ mattress; kitchenette with microwave and mini fridge; storage cabinet; toilet & bath; aircon. Also, each floor has a wifi.

FIRST CLASS: P4,400/bed/month
DELUXE: P4,050/bed/month

FIRST CLASS: P4,550/bed/month
DELUXE: P4,200/bed/month

FIRST CLASS: 8,450/bed/month
DELUXE: P4,100/bed/month

FIRST CLASS: P16,450/bed/month
DELUXE: P16,100/bed/month

MyTown is one of the places you can stay and never feel lonely. A dorm where you can meet and make lots of friends, with other tenants. Well maintained facilities, the staffs are friendly, also, some other activities to light up every occasion: just like this epic acoustic night at MyTown New York.
For more information visit their website and their Facebook page. Follow them on Instagram: @mytown_ph.