Actually, the name LAVAS doesn't really mean anything other than LABAS, but the government in the area wouldn't allow the name but I guess that turns out good as this is more catchy and can be remembered by anyone.

I like how they are generous with the servings especially Rice which is the main staple food for us.

Their best food include:

1. The Soup - this is boiled with the real "buto-buto" in order for the soup to be flavorful, which turns out good
2. Gravy - this adds the taste in our sizzling plate more than ever.
3. T-Bone & Porkchop - they serve these steaks like the other finest restaurants, with affordable pricing, this is their best seller ever since.

4. Variety of Drinks - you'll never have the "sawa" effect whenever you go because every day is another different drink that you can try.

We haven't tried the Gourmet Tuyo but others say that this is one of their best dishes and it is a combination of sweet, salty and spicy with a delightful tinge of sourness.

Here are my other pictures for your visual experience:

If ever you would visit San Pedro, Laguna make sure to put this at your bucket list as the price speaks for itself and you'll enjoy more than what you spend. Thrifty indeed!

For more information. You can check out their Facebook page right here