Inuman na! This is what you will be saying once you see the entrance of Tomi's. They serve beers, hard drinks, and JDs as well.

What I love about Tomi's is that their food complements the taste of the beer. It is also top notch in terms of taste which you will not regret.

These are what I enjoy on my last visit here:

1. Potato Wedges - I like how they stylized in plating starting off with a hashtag of 4 combined pieces of potato. The spices that are included really boost the taste of the potato.

2. Buffalo Chicken - this is spicy, as a spicy-lover, I like the fact that it is bearable for the usual pinoy and still has a lot of flavors.

3. Breaded Spicy Cheese Chicken - i love how it still goes throughout the boundary of the usual spicy. This will definitely give a much larger kick than your usual spicy wings.

4. Kani Salad - this is really heaven once you taste this you will never stop.

5. Tokwa't Baboy - this is freshly made and have a wonderful sauce that complements the taste.

Here are the other pictures for your visual experience:

The place perfectly fit the taste and the ambiance, have a great time here together with your loved ones.

To know more about Tomi's, you can visit their facebook page here