Hungry Shrimp is one of the restaurants that I think doesn't need the help of promoters as they serve the best dishes probably in their area which is the BF Resort. Just beside the four-way intersection in Casimiro, this little gem resides just a few steps to the left and Bazinga! There it is. The serving is generous but even with that overwhelming amount of food, you can probably eat them all at once because of the taste.

We ordered first the Seafood Platter, it includes:

1. Salted Egg Shrimp - made of homemade salted egg, not the usual powder you can taste in other products. Thus, making it more sumptuous to eat.

2. Bangus - it's your usual bangus just as tasty as you'll like it to be

3. Holy Calamari - their bestseller! If you are into spicy then this one really fits your tummy. The combining flavors of their special sauce and the caramelized drizzle match each other.

4. Java Rice - this is also one of their best, it is basically just some other java rice minus the oil which we usually find.

The vegetable on the side looks like it is soaked to oyster sauce, but there is something else we don't know about that since they said that this is actually a secret. Nonetheless, it tastes fine.

Tahong (Mussels) are fairly nice as well. Here we have their base shrimp which is also spicy but is tolerable. Also, the chicken tender gives off the meaty feel of what you can expect is tasty more than nuggets, partnered with the sauce (which do not contain mayonnaise just to be clear).

They also serve Ribs, which in my opinion, a specialty in this resto, it is as tender as the chicken meat and smoked not at normal setting. The difference with having it cooked in the normal setting is that it doesn't contain any chemicals that the other manufacturer/restaurants use.

Sinigang sa Sampalok Combo is a mixture of Shrimp and Pork Sour Soup. I love how generous they are as well with the vegetables inside, making it more tasty and healthy as well. Another one that caught my tastebud is the Porkchop, this is not your usual porkchop as it doesn't come with gravy. Even without that, it tastes fine and more than what you can expect, as well.

The food overall is definitely delicious. Prices way too cheap for its quality. That's the reason why we really enjoyed our stay here. Attentive staff and their smiles gave off the cozy feel of the store. They also have available chili bits and peanut butter. Will definitely go back! For more information, you can visit their facebook page here.