While restaurants that offer unlimited chicken in South Manila are almost in every corner of their respected city, most of us still want to try something new, something that still rings our tastebuds and something different that can make or break our meals.

Wings Days Unlimited opened it's doors in the heart of San Pedro City last month. But even if they know, they still have that edge to show that they differ from the others. For only 199, you can avail chicken wings and rice with 10 different homemade sauces. You can choose to either include them in the wings (drizzled) or you can go to something that you can dip.

Here is the complete menu for the details:

What I loved about WDU is that they provided a different flavor that you cannot be seen in the usual Unli Wings resto:

1. Cucumber Dill - it has that kind of refreshing feel to it which makes it a perfect summer flavor.

2. Mustard - who says this can only be in a sandwich? This is a whole new taste as much as how we love this flavor that comes in our burger.

3. Coffee - tastes like your typical Kopiko Candy. This is a new twist and definitely something that you will love and the kids to enjoy as well. This is soon to be introduced so I hope you stay tuned as this is really good.

It doesn't stop there, Unlimited Shabu-Shabu (Pork bacon bits @P300.00 and Beef Sakuyaki @350.00) are also available in this resto, as well as their rice meals which include Tapsilog. Also, Buffalo Burger, Dumplings and the unlimited Red Ice Tea.

They provide FREE Parking located between Robinsons Bank and Land Bank at ETG Business Center, A. Mabini St., Poblacion, San Pedro Laguna beside Fresh Option San Pedro Bayan.

The place is ready for reservation (Birthday party, family gathering and other events). You can also sing inside the resto with their very own videoke. So isn't that cool?

Check out their Facebook page for more information right here