What is in store for us at the weekend? Usually, binge-watching, sleeping in, catching up with friends. You know what's great about Greenfield Weekend Market in Laguna? Is the breath of fresh air! Here are the top 5 reasons to visit the Greenfield down south!

1. The Wagyu

What caught my attention in the entire skimming all over the place is this cute cow with cute cubes. You can surely taste their extremely delicious, tender and crave-worthy wagyu cubes. Frozen Wagyu cubes are also available for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

More information here: Primo"s Wagyu

2. Games

There are a lot of fun activities to play within the area such as the big jenga blocks and throw the circle into the bottle game. 

3. Lemonade and Beers

Thirst your quench with lots of homemade lemonades here! With the freshest juices available that really tickles your throat.

4. Mango Shake

This mango shake avocado really caught my taste bud. Refreshing yet amazing.

5. Inihaw

Our all-time favorite when it comes to food park is inihaw. With that of course, everyone has one! What I like about their grilled items, in particular, the isaw - it is clean and doesn't have that smelly taste in it. I love how everything I tried in this area really tastes good!


Other few offerings that will stimulate your food cravings, Chicken Wings, Fishballs & Kikiam, Shawarma, Premium Burgers and lots of Different Drinks!  The perfect weekend! Chill with the acoustic band while having a cold juice or booze on your hand. To add to the acoustic eargasm is a beautiful sunset sky, what more could you ask for!
Operating time:
Saturday and Sunday 2pm10pm
Greenfield Weekend Market, Paseo De Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa, Laguna