Cold Layers Cafe is a Filipino owned Taiwanese dessert cafe that specializes in shaved snow ice creations, milk tea, pasta, rice meals, and beverages. Entering the restaurant, the interior reminded us of candies, ice-cream and bubblegum. The place is very lively in terms of colors and design. High chairs are also available for toddlers.


What I love about Cold Layers is that they serve Shaved Ice or what we usually call Bingsu with low fat and low calorie option. Perfect for those who are watching their diet and also using healthy soy which is beneficial for our body.


Coldlayers Nachos P255 – this looks a little odd as there is a generous serving of lettuce. It did appeal to me but I don’t think this is best enough for the other.

Koori Chicken Chops P140 – the usual crispy chicken chops.

Fish N’ Chips P265 – one of their best. Fish is full of flavor and almost like the usual meat and the crispy French fries with homemade tartar sauce.


Philly Beef and Tomato P265 – the mixture of beef sirloin with homemade pesto sauce is amazing, together with French fries this is one of their best merienda offers.


Pesto Pasta P285 – pesto’s taste is balanced and the chicken on the top perfectly blends the taste

Cheezy Meat Lasagna P290  - the melted cheese in this thing is crazy, together with the classic meat sauce it quickly became one of my favorite.

Main Course

Slow Cooked Beef Ribs P345 – this slow cooked beef ribs really melts in your mouth

Chicken Teriyaki P285 – chicken was soft and tender, the teriyaki sauce made it more special.

Pork Chop Casserole P295 – one of my favorites, the meat is moist and tendered in tomato cream sauce.

 Snow Ice Milk Tea starting at P150 – usual milk tea taste.

Brown Sugar Milk Teas at P130 – tastes good, if not better.
Snow Ice has pudding at the bottom and drizzled with condensed milk.

Premium Matcha Snow Ice – Matcha flavored with cornflakes and has red bean on the side.
Cheezy Cheese Ice – classic flavor for cheese lovers, much like dirty ice cream.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea Snow Ice – milk tea snow ice with fresh tapioca and drizzled with brown sugar syrup. Much like the ice version of the brown sugar flavored milk tea.

Overall, the food is good, if not the best. I am actually quite surprised that their food is at par with other restaurant, being it called as “Cold Layers.” The food are a bit pricey though but it’s worth being checked out. 

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