Yoshimeatsu started out from a group of millennials and is a local brand that serves Japanese and Korean style yakiniku. With 13 types if meat and 19 sides dishes, this is definitely a feast. This branch, just opened a few months ago is located in the heart of Korean restaurants, Aguirre St., BF Homes.

What I like about Yoshimeatsu is that there are tablets in each table in which you can log in your orders and it will be delivered to you. This is really a step up to ordering and raising your hand every time you have a request.

The place is spacious and easy to navigate, there’s also a mini grocery full of Japanese goodies where you can ask the staff if you’re going to buy one. The choices of drink is abundant, from gluten free Iced Tea Drinks, to the usual Soft drinks then ending up with a “Strong” beer. Be ready to get smoked and share the love with friends, you wouldn’t worry in its taste since this is cooked up over charcoal grills. The meat is tender and juicy like a hotdog.

My favorites include, for the meats are the Sliced Curry Beef, Sliced Beef and Yangnyeum Pork. For the side dishes, the Aji Tamago, Kimchi, Kimchi Buttered Rice, Mashed Potato and Seafood Cheeseball. Not much a fan of Japanese rolls, but definitely it tastes good. Overall, the choices are great, not the best but not the worst. We got an old pan that’s why the cheese burnt all the way down, egg is a step up. It is well seasoned and had a fluffy texture.

The soft-served ice cream is great as well, the choices of flavors are vanilla and ube. It feels refreshing after a big stomach full of meat. Though I personally prefer if they just went to melona popsicles, since in our visit they didn’t bother to ask us if we want some ice cream. Not knowing this will definitely ruin the experience. Going with something that you wouldn’t have to prepare eases the time preparing for making the cup of ice cream.

Overall the experience is great. Will definitely go back to try this out with my Maki (solid fan) friends.

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PS: Here is the menu courtesy of a user in Zomato Philippines. The restaurant is open from 11AM-12MN.