In life, you already know how to party hard and play hard. But didn't you at least think of your future? We are talking seriously here but still in C H I L L way. Yes, you can plan for your future bit by bit in order for you to not be overwhelmed by adulting. Personally, I still don't have the 7 streams of income but I make sure that I track them down sometimes, this may be kind of boring to do but hey, just think of your future.


Here are my current unfinished 7 Streams of Income, and some back story of it:


1.       Social Media Influencer


I started blogging last 2017 when a friend of mine told me if I can write an article for their blog. Then after a few months, I've realized that I do enjoy going to events and having a write up in my experience on that certain event.


So I studied more about WordPress and SEO at that time before I launched my own deck of the blog. Come 2018, I executed the blog and found some friends in the influencer industry.


Shifting from Blogger to Influencer


At my age, since I'm not old enough to just write blogs I mostly find myself more off capturing the best moments of my life, that's why I got mostly inclined in doing photoshoots with the camera. I actually enjoyed the duality since I can work with blogger events and influencer events, that experience is actually great and it helps to build my personal branding.


For now, this is more of freelance work since it doesn't have any stable income but it really helps if you are planning on venturing out your own business moving forward.


2.       YouTube

Being a social media influencer on different platforms doesn't make it the same. The target market that you have on Instagram is not the same as what you see in YouTube. Though I didn't delve much of my time in making youtube videos since I'm more worried about the aesthetics I give off, I decided to be on hiatus until I'm comfortable with the place I'm going to shoot my videos.


3.       Insurance & Investment


It may come as a surprise to everyone that this is considered an income stream because you are just probably paying, but health is wealth so might as well be this a priority because it is a passive asset that you will definitely need in the future.


In terms of Investment, you can try Trading or using UITF (pretty unfamiliar) but Investment in terms of trading is my future plan probably in the second half of 2021.


4.       Active Business


Since I don’t have work at the moment, my time is not that hectic and I have time to manage certain businesses that I take care of. If you're familiar with UNDR Plants, I own it but in a tedious way because I'm the only one who's solely responsible for all the activities and tasks that need to be done. Anyway, please make sure to have an active business so that you have cash on hand and revolving money in your palm.


You certainly don't need to rush venturing out in other business. The key to success is to always focus on one thing at a time, even if its slow, progress is still progress.


5.       Passive Business


UNDR Plants actually have a website for available shirt merchandise but it doesn't really sell. But I bet if you are creative and you know how to market your own brand or help other brands, then you can have passive income at the side.


6.       Active/Passive Work


Aside from having a business of your own, you must have or at least try to look one work that you can do for you to be proactive when there are blue days in your business. Help your business by having active or passive work in times of emergency.


7.       Additional Entry of your Passion or Expertise


If you are talented in something that doesn't ring a bell in any of the above choices, you can actually put that as your source of income. This can be your singing, dancing, tutorial, or in creatives. This is more of building your passion for work and making your passion work for you.


These are my preferred 7 Streams of Income. This doesn't mean that you have to mimic my list but try to think of what could be your future and how you will deal with it. Cmon, share your thoughts about these income streams and suggest something that I might miss out on that you find helpful for you moving forward.