Nana & Co. can be found inside the quiet and timid place of Molito just beside Starbucks Molito. The place is hidden and unnoticeable with its plain white paint inside the store and out. 

The ambiance is great and definitely give a homy feeling that is also good for meeting with friends or setting up a meeting with your co workers

The menu is vast and mostly focused on Sweets, Morning Breakfast and typical Pinoy Dishes. 

The Apple & Cinnamon Crepe is okay. What I don't like is the consistency, its too soft and sweet. But overall it was okay and tasty. 

The Filipino Embutido doesn't taste like an authentic meat or something similar to that. It tastes just like your regular embutido that you buy for less than a hundred pesos. I personally think that it isn't worth it. 

I like the Strawberry Gelato, though most of the time it is too sweet but bearable. 

Pricing in general is okay. Most of the time it's worth every penny, maintaining the price though should be coupled with the quality of the dish in order for the folks to come back and eat again. 

So far in my stay at Nana & Co., the staff are hospitable and kind. Always like to help, the place is cozy and the music is okay for an afternoon lunch. I like the simple layers of plain windows. Totally a cozy and comfortable place.